Feb 2020

Updated: Information about current situation for CNY due to Coronavirus

UPDATED INFORMATION about current situation for CNY due to Coronavirus

17-02-2020 News:

Dear customers,

As you might know, a majority of our suppliers has started production. Our capacity is still affected by the lack of workers, since many are still tied up in quarantine procedures, but a steady increase in available capacity is expected over the coming weeks.

If you have any questions, please, get in contact with us or with your PCB Connect sales contact.

Thank you for your understanding!

10-02-2020 News:

Dear clients, we received a new update about the factories in China.

We now have some suppliers that get back to work today, February 10th, and started the production. 

Some other suppliers are still waiting for new instructions from the Chinese Government to get back to the activities.

Please, note that the main information about the current situation will be updated officially in our website. We are in constant contact with our suppliers.

For more, please, find it here or contact your PCB Connect sales manager.

29-01-2020 News:

Dear clients, we inform that the government extended the holiday with another 7 days until February 9th.

We have suppliers outside China that can support you upon request. Please, get in contact with your PCB Connect sales manager for that service.

If and when we have more updated information we will share here, on our homepage

27-01-2020 News:

Dear clients and friends,

We are experiencing a delicate situation for our colleagues and manufacturing partners in China. Due to the health situation and the country’s concern with the spread of the Coronavirus, the Chinese government has decided to extend the Chinese New Year holiday period with 3 days (updated – until February 9th).

PCB Connect are in close contact with our manufacturing and logistics partners and we are monitoring new instructions from the Chinese government.

We also like to inform that PCB Connect do not have any of its main suppliers located in the directly affected area in the Hubei Province, and depending on how the situation develops we also have suppliers available outside China, both in Asia as well as Europe, from where we can support you with your needs. Please contact us for any of your urgent needs, and already take into consideration to place orders well in time to meet your coming needs.

If and when we have updated information we will share on our homepage.

Thank you for understanding and we make ourselves available to support you in whatever you need.

Don’t hesitate to contact your local PCB Connect contact if you have any questions.

Best Regards, PCB Connect Group.